Speculation On What the iPhone 8 Brings to the Table

Has it been ten years already? Ten years since that first unveiling? The first show of the phone of the future? Where has the time gone?

On June 29th 2007[1] the first iPhone was released in North America. A technological revolution has since happened. Our phones, computers, watches[2], ways we read[3] and interact with the world has changed since then. And that ten years seems so far away. The phone of the future has simmered into its legacy of the past. Now its successor is due, expected within the coming months. The iPhone 8, the phone ten years after its originator, is due this year.

Can it recapture that magic of that ancient technological past?

For the demands of a modern world, a modern phone won’t do. The years since the original iPhone has ushered in the age of the smart phone and the ubiquity of smart devices. To truly capture the world in its crowded world stage, success requires revolution, that type of bold innovation that is truly courageous, and not merely labeled so in attempts of explaining controversial decisions[4].

Speculation On What the iPhone 8 Brings to the Table

With positive to lukewarm reception of the iPhone 7[5][6], and an overall perceived stagnation in true innovation and revolution[7][8], the burden on the iPhone 8 to deliver is as heavy as ever. Though secretive as always, the tide of anticipation runs high, and speculation and details slip through the cracks as to what Apple’s next iteration of their flagship phone will bring.

Firstly, the iPhone 8 will have to build upon its successors. This means:

  • Water resistance.
  • Smaller, or at the very least, similar sized dimensions to the iPhone 7.[9]

Further digging in leaked schematics suggest:

  • A new stainless steel redesign.
  • A bezel-less display.[10]

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If proven true, this would mark the first bezel-less iPhone (which means there is no edge or borders around the touchscreen), but it will not be the first smart phone to have such. Competitors such as Samsung[1], have already implemented these types of displays to varying levels of success.

In fact, most of what has been leaked so far show only incremental upgrades to the potential phone, and not the revolutionary breakthroughs of the times passed. Some of these increments include:

  • The removal of the Home button.
  • Integration of the Touch ID and fingerprint sensor into the display itself.
  • Front camera being behind the display.[2]

These are all worthy additions to a phone, and if done with Apple’s finesse, it can give the edge on the competition.

But as speculation goes, doesn’t it all sound very tame?

From that ten year gap from the original iPhone to the iPhone 8, it feels like a lifetime has passed. That decade ushered in the removal of physical keypads (Blackberry being a notable holdout), the age of high resolution cameras on phones, of personal assistants, of music and internet; all handheld. In those ten years the phone has been dissected, destroyed and rebuilt, and become smart and something more.

Perhaps then it is unfair to ask of ten years worth of revolution to happen again in only one. The expectations are high, yes, and perhaps the mere distillation of those ten years into the iPhone 8 will not be enough to wow people as it’s originator did. But Apple has always perfected. In lieu of revolution, they remain consistent with their chiseling, their shaping of things to provide a flawless experience that is hardly matched.

And who knows?

Perhaps with their slow building upon all the past iPhones, there is something hidden. Something not yet leaked. That big wow factor that harkens back to 2007. An age has passed since then, technologically. But the spirit of Apple remains.

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