Rugged Radios Throat Microphone

Today we’re going to talk about the Rugged throat mic.

The Rugged throat mic, this is designed for high noise environments, all kinds things when you can use a conventional headset, or you need to be discreet. The Rugged throat mic it has the throat pickup right here, it also comes with a coil ear tube set up so it’s really easy to put in, and this is a velcro strap design.

So one thing is, it’s really easy. It’s easy to put on and for all the different neck sizes- where you have a thin neck, a thicker neck, and it can fit all these different sizes. It’s also got for the throat mic, an interlocking connector that stays real secure, then it has a push to talk that attaches to your lapel. So, really easy you can hit the push to talk for two-way radio transmitting. It’s also got an additional PTT port here that we have a ring finger PTT or

If you need to put an auxiliary PTT someplace else, this it is, you can just run it right up your shirt, simply plug in the push to talk and talk on it. So it’s a secondary PTT switch for the the throat mic. What it’s also got, it’s got a Mini-Din connector here. The Mini-Din connector, this is a locking mini-din, so depending on which radio you have, this one’s for a 2 pin Motorola, but we have mini-din connectors for all different kinds of radio. So whether you have a best cb radios, whatever you have, we pretty much have a connector for. So just look up the connector chart, look at the different connectors, and select which radio you have.

Rugged Radios

So this thing locks into place so it doesn’t come disconnected but you can change it from radio to radio. So if you upgrade your radio to a different port, all you need a buy is a simple jumper. The way the Rugged throat mic works, you take, you loosen up the velcro straps, you can easily put it on right over, you tighten up the velcro strap, and secure it in place. Now, the pickup for the throat mic is right in the very front where this wire comes down. What I try to do is this, you want it just off to the side your throat.

Ok, what that’s going to do is is, that’s going to give it the most amount of sound if you put it right in front of your throat, you’re going to hear a little of that raspy-ness sound. So what you need to do is test with it a little bit.

Then we’ve got the nice little coil ear tube on this that you can simply plug into your ear. So there, it’s right inside your ear so now nobody’s going to hear the speaker outside of you. You’re just going to hear the other person’s voice right inside your ear.

This is great for so many operations- for paintball, for special forces, for military, all kinds of police applications, for SWAT. This is a great piece because there’s no booms, nothing in front of your mouth, it’s very discreet.

It’s very easy. But one of the best features behind this throat mic, let me show you real quick, One of the best features behind this throat mic is this throat mic has a little tiny 3.5 millimeter jack. What that’s for, is that’s for auxiliary headsets or ear buds. So say for instance, you have a really loud noise environment, we have a behind the head style headset. So say you need to wear a hardhat, you can put on your behind the head style headset that has a 3.5 millimeter jack and we have a cord 3.5 millimeter cord so you can simply plug in our Rugged high noise environment behind the head headset.

So it would go right underneath your hardhat. For fire applications, construction and hardhat applications, this is it. We’ve also got this, when you’re running in extreme noise environments, that it’s extremely loud, we’ve got our earbud speakers. These you simply roll up and stick in your ear, and it’s got a little hearing aid speaker inside of them. These are our Pro2’s with a 3.5 millimeter plug so all you do is simply come into the 3.5 milliliter plug and plug it into place. That’s it! Now you can hear out of your foam earbud speakers so when the noise is really loud, simply use your foam earbud speakers, then take your coil ear tube, simply disconnect it.Remove this and take it off. What we’ve also got is for very discreet applicators where you need to be able to hear for the person who’s next to you, if you’re running the coil ear tube, you simply plug it back into place.

Now what we’ve got, is we’ve got these semi-custom ear molds. What these things do is this slips right into your ear, slips right into place in your ear, now what that semi-custom earpiece allows you to do is now I can hear the person standing next to me and I can hear the radio right in my ear. Not quite as good for really loud noise environments, because it’s not blocking out the outside noise, but for environments if you need to talk to people, you’re walking around talking to people, dealing with a lot of situations, the semi ear pieces are really good. We have them in small, medium, large, right and left hand.

So whichever ear you want to put it in, we have the application for you. We also have for the coil earbud, we have a foam earbud that goes on the coil tube. So if you’re running the coil tube, and you need to block out a little bit of noise, this is a nice, inexpensive alternative. So, the Rugged throat mic, like I say, for a lot of applications from paintball to high noise environments to anything this thing works really really well.
What you’ll have to do is just be sure to play with the positioning of the throat mic. You want to put it off to the side of your neck. The more you play with it, even around the back of your neck. Wherever you’re talking that is going to pick up your voice. So it’s going to be real clear, it’s not going to be affected by wind. Try to not have a turtleneck or anything around it that’ll cause a little bit of interference on the microphone. And like with the real simple easy velcro hook and loop, you just simply velcro it on, it’ll stretch and move 102 so it’s very comfortable on. Rugged, we’re the Authority in Communications.

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