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How to Clean a Cassette Player

How to Clean a Cassette Player. Cassette players may be outdated, but if you’ve still got tapes, you’re going to want to keep them in good condition. You will need Cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol (also known

How to choose a ham radio antenna

NEW TO HAM RADIO? If you are new to ham radio with a background in other types of radio communications, you should read the supplement “Ham Ways – A Primer” available on the Buying Your First Radio

Baofeng UV 5S Radio review

Here I have the Baofeng UV 5S which is a dual band FM radio covering VHF and UHF. I chose this particular radio because it is meant to be waterproof and it was cheap, so basically I’m

Keeping Your Cars and truck leaving behind home for college picture

If you possessed access to cars and truck while residing in your home, chances are your moms and dads took care of its servicing or supplied reminders to when to have that in for the company. When

Fixing Your Car With A New Super glue System

Today I’m going to show you how you can use a third-generation super glue system to fix many things on your car now. I met a guy named Don who runs tech bond he’s been working 16